fight the good fight

Phenomenal operation, thank you surgeons! I cannot wait to see you wake up today. Sekai you look great as you lay there in the ICU, your body is healing now, a new set of lungs and liver. Absolute perfection. You did amazing. I am so happy for you and this amazing gift has aligned for you. I am sad for the other families loss, but honored to see these fragile body parts continue on in you, whoever you were I thank you for giving my son this opportunity to live on and breath better again. Blessed and full of love for everyone that made this an absolute near perfect operation as it could be. Thank you modern technology and for the wits of those many medical staffers that supported my sons life during this. I am so grateful and happy. A masterpiece, a perfect little boy continues to have a chance to keep growing up and sharing his love and explore living and what it means to fight the good fight, whatever that may be for you Sekai. Make it real and thanks for keeping it so humbling REAL.